Expert Testimony in Trials is Important

6Presenting evidence in court is the way by which cases are determined legally. Sometimes there are problems encountered with evidences presented in court and there needs to be someone to break it down or explain it to the jury. Evidences can be very technical and might not be understood by the average person, or the evidence might have implications that need additional background for it to be grasped by the listeners. It can happen for evidences to be of a certain nature that only people with a certain background knowledge can fully grasp it, that is why people of this group are called in to explain the meaning and implications of the evidences presented. That is why the court calls these expert witnesses.

In general, when a Police Expert Witness is called, it is for the court case itself. Many times prosecution and defense lawyers, whenever they feel that the evidence is vital and needs to be explained in such a way as to be understood by the jury, expert witnesses are called in. When lawyers are not capable of handling a particular subject related to the evidence presented, and so that they do not expose their ignorance to the jury, expert witnesses are called in to do the explanations on that particular subject. Experts with a working knowledge on a difficult subject matter involved in the presentation of evidence are hired by lawyers so that they remain on top of the game.

Expert witnesses can do more than just explain the evidence in court. Other services that experts can offer are to test theories regarding certain cases prior to the trial and also assist the local police in their investigation if there is a lack of manpower.

There may be some pieces of mysterious evidences presented or there needs to be some psychological analysis of the problem, and in these cases, experts are called upon to answer questions. Learn more of this at

Expert witness testimony is very useful in court cases. Expert witness statements are very important to the legal system in general.  With experts, lawyers gain access to knowledge that they normally would not understand, and thus allows them to have a better case which can either go for or against a defendant. Prosecution lawyers can depend on expert witness testimony by the help it provides in maintaining the appearance of a fair trial and in cases where loopholes are found, the testimony of the experts can close them. Express witness testimony is also beneficial to defense lawyers especially if this testimony leads to the opening of loopholes in the case which can turn to either level it with the prosecution or perhaps even go in their favor.  Expert witness testimony is very valuable whoever benefits from it because with it a seemingly ambiguous case can be turned into something as clear as black and white. If you want to learn more, extend at


What Is the Role of an Expert Witness in a Drug Case

5When a case goes to court, both the defendant and the plaintiff will do everything to win their case. In achieving this objective, many arguments are raised by both sides, and they need evidence to provide support. One strategy they can use is using an expert witness. An expert witness is an individual who provides court evidence which is above and beyond a jury’s normal experience and knowledge. This person is required by law to be fair in expressing his expert opinion, which has to be based on provable fact. Expert defense witnesses normally have to abide by higher standards compared to their prosecution counterparts.

When criminal cases involve drugs, police officers are usually called upon as expert witnesses, proving how much the drugs are worth, as well as how much drugs are compatible with personal consumption. Find out more of this when you click here. The information is based on their experience, which must be a minimum of six months. When police offers assess the value of drugs, they usually give the smallest possible unit the highest possible value. Such values are based on information reported by informants, defendants in custody and sometimes on undercover agents’ “controlled buys.”

But there are cases in which officers reject prices given by defendants, which are lower than what’s considered the norm. Find out more about this through the site at When police seize profits made from drug trafficking, it is automatically presumed by the court that an individual who is convicted of a drug trafficking offense will have already counted as profit the seized drugs’ street value.

When a case involves cannabis cultivation, people who grow more than a few plants will probably face a charge of intent to supply, and custodial sentences are usually given to people who are growing the plants for personal consumption. Potential yields are usually determined from sample plants, which do not always represent the crop. When cannabis plants are enough to provide 1-2 days’ supply, the police usually charge the grower is charged with intent to supply.

When to Have an Officer as Expert Witness

Before trial begins, the party that will use an Expert Witness Police Use of Force must determine if he or she will be identified as an expert. If the witness is only going to give a lay opinion, the party will only have to meet the requirements of Rule 701 (Opinion Testimony by Lay Witnesses).

But if the witness is going to express opinions on matters that are not within the realm of common experience, then he should be presented as an expert witness. In such a case, the party will be following Rule 702.

If a police officer is presented as a lay witness and offers opinion testimony, the other party can object on the grounds that expert testimony is being improperly offered as lay opinions.

The 2 Types Of Expert Witnesses

4A person who is working in a certain profession and considered to be expert in their niche is called an expert witness. The legal representatives who are hiring expert witnesses are testifying on their side and might ask series of questions to be able to determine the witness if the right candidate for them. The individual has to have more knowledge in the field than average person before they can be considered as an expert. And that knowledge they have should be tested to be an expert witness.

The testifying experts and the non testifying experts are the two different types of expert witnesses that you can hire. Now when talking about testifying experts, these are those who are out in front of the court and document that they’re present to support the side that they’re testifying for. More about this are available at That is the reason why most of the time, expert witnesses are advised not to write on documents as the other party could see what they’ve written. This may actually hurt the case in the event that the witness expressed any opinion personally about the documents.

The expert witnesses on the other hand who is hired by the other party in the case to assess it is the non testifying expert. Know more of this via the site at For instance, the attorney may hire a doctor to be able to assess a malpractice suit to know if there is/are something out of the common when a certain medical procedure was carried out. There could be situations in which a nurse could be called in as well to evaluate the documents about the medical case.

Between the two, it is the non testifying expert who is well protected. They’re not exposed like the others who need to sit in front of the jury, the court and to testify about the case. The non testifying experts don’t need to be known but, it is required that the documentation they participated in is exposed. But to maintain privacy and security, their name however is not needed to be shown on the documentation.

It is a must that the Police Procedures Expert Witness has some specialization. Despite the fact that they might be involved in a certain profession, there could be an area of profession that they are specializing in. Truth is, this is very important when choosing an expert witness and that the witness masters the areas in which the attorney is in need of assistance. It isn’t just enough to work in that specific field.

In a nutshell, expert witnesses are chosen because they’re specializing in certain areas that’s of great use to that certain party.

The Difference Between Expert Witness And Factual Witness

Every time a court trial is on their way, factual witness are normally summoned to testify. On the other hand, it’s the expert witness that might not be seen oftentimes as it depends on the trial that’s going on. But many people are wondering about the differences between a factual witness and an expert witness and how do these 2 witnesses are helping to put everything to perspective that helps the jury to come up with an informed decision?  Well, one thing is for sure, the two witnesses are certain to provide valuable information.

The person who could tell significant facts regarding the case is the factual witness. A great example of this is someone who has witness murder; because of that, they are the one who truly know the facts behind the case. You can find more of this at They’ve seen everything and know what things that no one else know or seen. They have given this info to those in court to be able to be admitted as evidence for the case.

What they actually do is, they’re taking an oath to tell only the truth and everything that they know. Then after, they are providing this information to the jury and also, to everyone who’s concerned. On the other hand, it is the job of the prosecutor or the lawyer to determine any discrepancies in the statement of the Use of Force Expert Witness. If they do, it indicates that the person is lying or they need help to clarify some things they’ve stated. When the statements are clarified and that the juries have a clear picture of the witness, they will now be able to get more data to come up to an informed decision regarding the case.

On the other hand, the expert witness is a very different entity. For instance, the expert witness could be anyone; they can be a doctor, scientist or anyone who’s a professional. Regardless, they are expert in their respective field and there’s no limitation to the number of fields that a certain individual could be an expert of when becoming an expert witness. Learn further data about this at The truth is, even a botanist could be summoned to stand to a certain type of flower that’s deemed to be an evidence at the crime scene. The presence of an expert witness is a very big help when it comes to murder trials as well as other crimes that are committed towards other humans are the common cases. Perhaps, the coroner needs someone to testify the autopsy, the expert witness can give their expert opinions on something like if something is possible to happen or not.

Tips About Expert Witness For Police Procedures

2There are instances when witnesses are necessary for police procedures. In connection to this, there are certain questions that are being asked. If you are interested to acquire for more learning, it is best for you to read on!

It is necessary for the police department to make sure that they have the right decision to be made for any case that they are handling. When it comes to this matter, having a witness is one of the great remedies for this concern. A lot of queries pertaining to the specific case that is being managed will be asked to the witness.

The usual type of questions that will be asked is in a form of reading comprehension. In order for the Officer Involved Shooting Expert Witness to come up with the right answer, it is essential to give focus with the rules being laid down. More so, logic is needed when it comes to the process of reading the rule. The steps of the police procedures must be strictly followed by the witness as well. To have the assurance that the witness does so, it is apparent that an office will be designated. The most important thing that the witness must take into account is the answer to be given for the every question. There is a big role that will be played by the answers.

When it comes to the questions that will be asked during the police procedures, there are variations to be observed. One of the primary considerations is the kind of case that the witness is involved. In order for the witness to have the proper aid about the case, it is vital for him or her to learn about it then.

On the other hand, we can’t deny the fact that there are instances that expert witnesses are being sought for the case. This is typically adhered to so as to have the victory for the case especially in the court. Extra details regarding this are disclosed at For example that you are one of those individuals who are looking for an expert witness, it is necessary on your part to consider some essential tips.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the witness has sufficient knowledge with the police procedures to be encountered. In terms of having orientation with the person, you can reduce the burden on your part then. In addition, he or she needs to have the accurate knowledge and understanding about the nature of the case that he or she will be dealing with. More of this accessible at In connection to this, you should provide him or her all the necessary information then. For instance that you are finding for a professional witness, it is beneficial on your part to seek for referrals from other people like your friends and relatives.